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The webcast of the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee meeting offers building industry professionals unique insight into the development process of Acceptance Criteria - the criteria that ensures innovative building products comply with codes and standards. Watch the webcast of the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee meeting as it streams live from Birmingham, Alabama. For more information and complimentary registration, click here.

Kidde Recalls Smoke and Combination Smoke/CO Alarms Due to Alarm Failure Click here for information on the units which have been recalled. Click here for information from Kidde that was sent to local fire officials.

Greetings Fellow Permit Technicians -

It is with excitement that I share the news for the advancement of the Permit Technician profession - the Board for International Professional Standards (BIPS) has reviewed the survey results for an advanced level of Permit Technician, and has approved a new category - Certified Permit Specialist!

To become a Certified Permit Specialist, you will first be required to pass the Permit Technician Exam and second, pass the yet to be developed 'Administrative' exam. ICC Exam Development Committees (EDC'S) will develop the 'Administrative' exam which will address administrative, budgeting, customer service, etc. This exam will be used for the certification categories where the title is "Specialist", and will be a prerequisite to obtaining certification as a Plumbing, Mechanical, or Fire Code Specialist. Once you are a 'Certified Permit Specialist' and decide you want to move into another 'Specialist Certification', for example, 'Residential Code Specialist', you would need to pass only the residential exam.

A sincere thank you to the BIPS Board for approving the Permit Specialist category! Providing a path for the next generation of Code Officials to obtain the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities will ensure the highest quality of service for all concerned with the safety and performance of the built environment. A special thank you to John Darnall, for his dedication and support of the Permit Technician profession! And lastly, thank you to all the Permit Techs who worked to see this come to fruition and to all who participated in the survey!

The category name may change during the development stages. Additional information regarding the 'Specialist' category and 'Administrative' exam will be forwarded once available.

This is being sent to the permit tech networking distribution list. If you would like to be removed from this list, please reply to Thank you!

The Colorado Association of Permit Technicians (CAPT) has published their 60th Newsletter. Click here to view it.

For those that attended the stress training that Carole taught at the September 2013 training, here's notes from her training.

Since 2003, deck collapses have caused thousands of reported injuries and several deaths. As a result the Chapter has put together information on deck safety which can be found by clicking here.

The Board of Directors of the Kansas City Metro Association of Permit Technicians has resurrected the scholarship fund. This fund has a limit to the total monies available for scholarships per any given year. Click here for more information.

KCMAPT has developed a handout with Christmas tree safety tips as a community service. Feel free to make these available in your jurisdictions as well as with those who sponsor tree sales.
Tips on full page
Tips on half-page

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